Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Modr8 not working for drupal

Right with my drupal problem I think I know what is messing everything seems my problem is with modr8 in the content publishing setting if I choose my setting like this....
Published \/
Promoted to front page \/

Sticky at top of lists     X

Create new revision    X

In moderation queue \/

So published is on promote to front page and in moderation que is all on.... what happens is that it display it on my website.... even when logged off with red text saying pending moderation...

If I post as a new role "blogger" it will just publish normally

If I turn off published so it just sends it to the moderation que.. I was hoping if role was blogger with permission to by pass published then blogger role would become published however because published is now turned off to stop the above pending moderation but being visible means that it accepts my posts as "blogger role" but it doesn't display anywhere... no on homepage or on the users blog.... check through admin and this is because the post is not set as published....

So at the moment if I set default to published.. then it will just publish anything any users posts but ad pending moderation at the top of posts and if I untick publish bloggers who shouldn't be moderated dont get their posts published either....?

thanks.. hope explained that right....

okay so I did it!

Right I did it I bought my self some!!! Okay In my last blog post I was talking about how I was contemplating buying some lifts which will lift my game of basketball to new height....oh dear I am terrible at puns! Well I just wanted to let you all know (probably none even reads my blog yet) that I have just bought my self a pair. They are set to arrive in a couple of days and I really cannot wait.. Il also put them on everyday in my normal shoes to because being 6ft is cool but being 6ft 3 is even cooler right? and unlike growing that tall naturally the insoles let you keep your proportions the same so instead of being lanky you will be the same build you are now....well I assume so anyway.

(Hopefully non of my friends will ever find this blog and know about what I am doing.. knowing them they will probably mock me for a few days and then buy some themselves so they can be tall too..... now the idea of them is too look tall if all my friends use them and be taller than me when I have them on then it would defeat the purpose of wearing them)

My plan for getting taller for basketball! I am a evil genius!

 I feel like a evil genius at the moment with my very cunning plan!

Even though you are gonna laugh at me when I say that I feel small even though I am 6ft I do... that's because in basketball people who are 6ft are really small players... that is why I have been looking for ways to grow taller and after reading a few guides.. this one in particular, I have actually now decided what I need to help me out is a pair of insoles for my shoes which will make me much taller.. Now some people may call this cheating as it gives you a unfair advantage but is it really..? Isnt it unfair that they are tall and I am not?

I was thinking of buying some height increasing I can be taller for basketball but I am not to sure if that would be considered as cheating... actually thinking about it how would the ref even know... I might try them because the ref wont even be able to seem them not if they are tucked inside my shoes outta sight... I can see the ref calling out a player who may be wearing elevator shoes as oyu can obviously see the heels are really big on those things but I dont think with insoles anyone can tell... Yep totally made up my mind now.... gonna buy some.. as every inch taller in basketball I guess counts and I am rather tired of being the smallest in my team even though I am 6ft.... which too others would be pretty tall but not in basketball! My team mates would probably wonder how I got so tall though over night so what I was thinking of doing is getting the ones with the stacks so I can slowly add to my height without them being suspicious which I think is really handy and sneaky of course! Well we will soon see if this makes any difference to my play or not anyway!

Oh yeah along with my new lifts I will also be doing some height exercises as well as apparently they really help too! MUHAHAHA...

Drupal moderate users first blog entries only?


I have just started a drupal site... (great wish I used this sooner) and I have been having some trouble with pre moderating users first blog entries. what i basically want is that after user sign up and posts to their blog for first time it needs to be approved first to be visible and after that first approval after that they can post without approval.

So far what I have done is added

modr8 module

Userpoints module with this I wanted to set it using the Userpoints Role module that you will switch after so many points to a new role which then can bypass the modr8 by giving the new role "blogger" permission to do so.

Vote Up/Down module (Vote Up/Down Nodes) (to give points to users) I dont know fi this will work to add points to the userpoints module or not...

But what I am finding is that the modr8t module is not working and new users can just post and it instantly gets approved and shows up even when the user is not even on the new "blogger" role who is meant to skip bypass with permission... bypass moderation queue

I have CKEditor module on as well... if that makes any differnce? and IMCE (BUT THAT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO ADMINS)...

any help?