Wednesday, 29 January 2014

okay so I did it!

Right I did it I bought my self some!!! Okay In my last blog post I was talking about how I was contemplating buying some lifts which will lift my game of basketball to new height....oh dear I am terrible at puns! Well I just wanted to let you all know (probably none even reads my blog yet) that I have just bought my self a pair. They are set to arrive in a couple of days and I really cannot wait.. Il also put them on everyday in my normal shoes to because being 6ft is cool but being 6ft 3 is even cooler right? and unlike growing that tall naturally the insoles let you keep your proportions the same so instead of being lanky you will be the same build you are now....well I assume so anyway.

(Hopefully non of my friends will ever find this blog and know about what I am doing.. knowing them they will probably mock me for a few days and then buy some themselves so they can be tall too..... now the idea of them is too look tall if all my friends use them and be taller than me when I have them on then it would defeat the purpose of wearing them)

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