Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Drupal moderate users first blog entries only?


I have just started a drupal site... (great wish I used this sooner) and I have been having some trouble with pre moderating users first blog entries. what i basically want is that after user sign up and posts to their blog for first time it needs to be approved first to be visible and after that first approval after that they can post without approval.

So far what I have done is added

modr8 module

Userpoints module with this I wanted to set it using the Userpoints Role module that you will switch after so many points to a new role which then can bypass the modr8 by giving the new role "blogger" permission to do so.

Vote Up/Down module (Vote Up/Down Nodes) (to give points to users) I dont know fi this will work to add points to the userpoints module or not...

But what I am finding is that the modr8t module is not working and new users can just post and it instantly gets approved and shows up even when the user is not even on the new "blogger" role who is meant to skip bypass with permission... bypass moderation queue

I have CKEditor module on as well... if that makes any differnce? and IMCE (BUT THAT IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO ADMINS)...

any help?


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