Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Modr8 not working for drupal

Right with my drupal problem I think I know what is messing everything seems my problem is with modr8 in the content publishing setting if I choose my setting like this....
Published \/
Promoted to front page \/

Sticky at top of lists     X

Create new revision    X

In moderation queue \/

So published is on promote to front page and in moderation que is all on.... what happens is that it display it on my website.... even when logged off with red text saying pending moderation...

If I post as a new role "blogger" it will just publish normally

If I turn off published so it just sends it to the moderation que.. I was hoping if role was blogger with permission to by pass published then blogger role would become published however because published is now turned off to stop the above pending moderation but being visible means that it accepts my posts as "blogger role" but it doesn't display anywhere... no on homepage or on the users blog.... check through admin and this is because the post is not set as published....

So at the moment if I set default to published.. then it will just publish anything any users posts but ad pending moderation at the top of posts and if I untick publish bloggers who shouldn't be moderated dont get their posts published either....?

thanks.. hope explained that right....

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