Wednesday, 29 January 2014

My plan for getting taller for basketball! I am a evil genius!

 I feel like a evil genius at the moment with my very cunning plan!

Even though you are gonna laugh at me when I say that I feel small even though I am 6ft I do... that's because in basketball people who are 6ft are really small players... that is why I have been looking for ways to grow taller and after reading a few guides.. this one in particular, I have actually now decided what I need to help me out is a pair of insoles for my shoes which will make me much taller.. Now some people may call this cheating as it gives you a unfair advantage but is it really..? Isnt it unfair that they are tall and I am not?

I was thinking of buying some height increasing I can be taller for basketball but I am not to sure if that would be considered as cheating... actually thinking about it how would the ref even know... I might try them because the ref wont even be able to seem them not if they are tucked inside my shoes outta sight... I can see the ref calling out a player who may be wearing elevator shoes as oyu can obviously see the heels are really big on those things but I dont think with insoles anyone can tell... Yep totally made up my mind now.... gonna buy some.. as every inch taller in basketball I guess counts and I am rather tired of being the smallest in my team even though I am 6ft.... which too others would be pretty tall but not in basketball! My team mates would probably wonder how I got so tall though over night so what I was thinking of doing is getting the ones with the stacks so I can slowly add to my height without them being suspicious which I think is really handy and sneaky of course! Well we will soon see if this makes any difference to my play or not anyway!

Oh yeah along with my new lifts I will also be doing some height exercises as well as apparently they really help too! MUHAHAHA...

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